Resources - Healthy Public Policy - Reducing Barriers to Physical Activity

Not all residents are provided with the same opportunities to participate in physical activity, recreation and sport. There are often barriers to their participation that may be financial, social, cultural or physical in nature. Healthy public policies can reduce or eliminate those barriers. Organizations can establish healthy policy approaches within their organizations and ensure that staff are aware of and act upon those approaches to support participation in their services. 

The following resources provide information to help understand the barriers, how to develop enabling policies, and provides some examples of existing policies that various organizations have adopted to reflect their approach to minimize the barriers to participants and encourage participation by all. 

This is not an exhaustive list of resources. If you are aware of further resources or examples to include on this listing, please contact us at  

Policy Context Resources – provides information that will impact the development of policies by identifying type of barriers participants may face and supports or approaches that will help reduce or eliminate those barriers


Physical Activity for Decision Makers Centre for Active Living

Polar Bear Recess Green Action Centre

The Let Grow Project The Let Grow Project

Affordable Access

Everybody gets to play™ community mobilization tool kit Canadian Parks and Recreation Association

Specific Populations


Women & Girls

Actively Engaging Women and Girls  CAAWS and Sport for Life




Policy Development Resources - provides information to assist in the development of policy

Policy Readiness Tool The Alberta Policy Coalition for Chronic Disease (APCCP)  

Policy Examples – provides example policies from a variety of sources that can be used as models or templates to assist in the development of your own policies

General Policy Examples

Accessibility Plans Province of Manitoba

Code of Conduct Winnipeg Youth Soccer Association

Affordable Access Policy Examples

Fee Subsidy Program City of Winnipeg

Affordable Access to Recreation Lockeport Nova Scotia

Affordable Access Program Halifax Nova Scotia

Affordable Access Program Regina Saskatchewan

Affordable Access to Recreation Policy Municipality of Shelburne, Nova Scotia

Specific Populations Policy Examples




Inclusion Policy Softball Canada

Gender Equity Policy Manitoba Organization of Disc Sports

Inclusion Policy Ultimate Canada

Transgender Policy Winnipeg Youth Soccer Association Policies and Procedures Clause 10

Facility Accessibility Policy Examples 

Accessibility Plan City of Winnipeg

Accessibility Plan City of Winkler

Community Charter University of Winnipeg