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PACM Active Transportation Resources

Introduction to Active Transportation (pamphlet for print)
5 Steps a Municipality Can Take (pamphlet for print)
How to Start a Community Bike Shop (pamphlet for print)
Dirt Cheap: The Economic Benefits of Building Trails (pamphlet for print)
Helpful Questionnaire for Administrators: Taking Stock of Your Community's Assets and Policies (.DOC) ‐ PACM
PACM's Association of Manitoba Municipalities Conference 30-Second Survey Results
Useful Documents

Active Transportation: Give it a Try (english version) ‐ CDEM / RM DeSalaberry
Data Collection Form (Motorized/Non‐Motorized ‐ PACM / RM DeSalaberry
Manitoba Active Transportation Advisory Group Presentation (.PDF) ‐ MATAG
Manitoba Active Transportation Advisory Group Presentation (.PPT) ‐ MATAG
St.Malo presentation (.PDF) ‐ DeSalaberry
St.Malo Presentation (.PPT) ‐ DeSalaberry
The Nova Scotia Experience ‐ Mike Arthur
Thompson Presentation ‐ City of Thompson
Morden Map ‐ Town of Morden
Economic Benefits of AT ‐ fast facts
Health Benefits of AT ‐ fast facts
Greater Strides: Taking Action on Active Transportation ‐ Recommendations to the Manitoba government from Manitoba's Active Transportation Advisory Group
Active Transportation in Canada: A Resource and Planning Guide ‐ Transport Canada
TDM Small and Medium Size Communities Toolkit ‐ Fraser Basin Council
Improving Travel Options in in Small and Rural Communities ‐ Transport Canada
Active Transportation Beyond Urban Centres: Walking and Bicycling in Small Towns and Rural America ‐ Rails to Trail Conservancy

City of Winnipeg - Pedestrians and Cycling