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PACM Webinars 

Risk: Butterflies in your belly

Explores the kinds of risk in children's play, what they learn from it and how we can allow children to risk safely.

Presenters: Marc Battle and Melinda Walden, Early Childhood Education, Red River College

To view the archived webinar click here.

Motivating Each Other to Inspire Active Communities

This coalition webinar is about bridging collaboration with community members and organizations to create active communities.

Presenter: Jan Keryluk, Manitoba Fitness Council’s 2012 Fitness Leader of the Year

To view the Motivation 2013 Presentation hand out click here

To view Maximizing Motivation powerpoint presentation click here

How much and how intense exercise needs to be to really reach health benefits.

Presenter: Dr. Danielle Bouchard, Assistant Professor, Faculty of Kinesiology and Recreation Management, University of Manitoba

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These free archived webinars provide learning opportunities from a variety of organizations who promote physical activity.

CDPAC Webinar archived online: Promoting Physical Activity in Childcare and Early Learning Settings. Click here to access webinar.

Canadian Cancer Society Webinar archived online: How Physical Activity Can Reduce Cancer Risk. Click here to access webinar.

CAAWS has a series of webinars archived that deal with topics related to females and physical activity such as creating inclusive environments, promoting participation across the lifespan, engaging newcomers, links between mental health and physical activity and more. Click here to access these webinars.

The Canadian Diabetes Association offers a series of webinars related to diabetes and its management, including several emphasizing the importance of physical activity. Click here to access these webinars.