Resources - Partnerships for Physical Activity

The renewed Manitoba Physical Activity Action Plan identifies Forge Innovative Partnerships as an action goal. The Forging Innovative Partnerships Task Group purpose is to foster and share best and promising practices related to new approaches to partnerships that promote and support physical activity and healthy living across the population of Manitoba. 

In order to illustrate innovative partnerships in Manitoba, a number of case studies were identified, interviews undertaken and ‘lessons learned’ identified.  The information was used to develop several partnership profiles. 

A selection of the initial profiles is included in this document. They include several partnerships that have formed as organizations, that have not traditionally worked together, found areas of common interest to meet a need related to physical activity and healthy living.

We are interested in further partnership examples and invite you to identify additional partnerships. Contact PACM Coordinator at to obtain the profile template used to develop these profiles.

In addition the task group developed a listing of resources on partnerships that have been developed by several organizations across Canada. They include tool kits, webinars, research and more. Again, if you are aware of additional partnership resources please contact the PACM Coordinator with the details to further expand the resource listing. Click here for the resource listing.  

The Partnership project is jointly presented by PACM and the Alliance for the Prevention of Chronic Disease.