About Us

About Us

The Physical Activity Coalition of Manitoba or PACM was formed in October, 2003 with its main purpose of bringing key provincial, regional and local stakeholder organizations together to collaborate in leading, supporting and helping to facilitate implementation of the Manitoba Physical Activity Action Plan.

In August 2000, the Alliance for the Prevention of Chronic Disease Inc. and a group of physical activity-related organizations formed a partnership to take the lead in developing a Manitoba Physical Activity Action Plan.

A Physical Activity Summit was held in October 2001. Over 100 participants used the Manitoba Physical Activity Action Plan to identify three Goal statements and the actions necessary for the implementation of the Manitoba Physical Activity Action Plan.

The actions fall within three broad categories: Policy, Leadership and Programs with actions at the provincial, regional, and community levels. Eight Key Actions were identified from the community consultations that form the basis for goals and activities.

The Manitoba Physical Activity Action Plan served as a guiding document for the creation of PACM. PACM was formed in October 2003 and is now poised to move forward with the Manitoba Physical Activity Action Plan. The Coalition and Network was formed due to the commitment of the collaborating organizations to see the plan through to realization. PACM’s role is to guide the plan, increase communication and cooperation, present convincing evidence of best practices and to raise the profile of physical activity to maintain and increase health benefits of all Manitobans.

The Healthy Kids Healthy Futures Task Force Report is another document that guides the work of PACM and therefore PACM is part of the Manitoba in motion Provincial Network and promotes and supports the initiative.
In motion is a provincial strategy to help all Manitobans make physical activity part of their daily lives for health and enjoyment. 
The provincial government has joined with community partners in physical activity, health, healthy living, recreation, sport and education to raise activity levels and reduce barriers to physical activity.

In motion has four key components:

  • building partnerships
  • increasing public awareness
  • developing strategies for target areas
  • measuring success

Settings include communities, schools and workplaces.

Support is available to help schools and communities develop action plans to get "in motion".
For more information visit the Manitoba in motion website.